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Modifié le 04/05/2013

The Lyon III International Association will help you to find accommodation for your exchange at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, in a private student residence, a student residence run by the CROUS, or with a host family.

This accommodation service is only for students on exchange at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. The association cannot provide assistance for students not enrolled at the university.

You are strongly invited to read FAQ for all details.

You must choose only availabilities for the time of your stay

How to find accommodation for your stay in four steps

Browse the different types of accommodation available (private residences, CROUS residences, host families) below and then follow these steps.

  1. 1
    Create an account and fill out the online information form
  2. 2
    Choose your preferred type of accommodation
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Wait for confirmation

Private residences

The private residences are mostly located near the centre of the city or close to the university. These residences are run by real estate companies and factors such as rent, living conditions and the way each residence is run depend on the individual establishment and can vary from one to another.

These residences offer different types of apartment:

  • Studio: the most common; one room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. These apartments are furnished (bed, desk etc.) and equipped with fridge, hot plates etc., however linen and tableware are not provided. Average area of 18-21 m².
  • T1 :similar to the studio, with a separate bedroom. One double bed or two single beds possible. Ideal for a couple or two close friends. Average area of 25-30 m².
  • Duplex : similar to the T1, with the bedroom on a mezzanine.
  • T2 ou T3 : similar to the T1, but suitable for a flat-share, with two (for the T2) or three (for the T3) bedrooms. Average area of 25-40 m².
  • Shared apartment: An apartment with two or three rooms, each with its own bathroom. Each tenant signs a separate lease and can receive housing assistance.

10 Residences


The CROUS is a public regional student services organisation under the administrative supervision of the French government.

CROUS accommodation is available in various different residences throughout the city, and includes the following types of apartment:

  • Room type 3: 11 m² furnished rooms with shower, toilet and refrigerator. Shared kitchen.
  • Rooms in shared apartment : 11 m² furnished rooms, kitchen and bathrooms for the apartment of 4/6 people. No possibility to choose your roommates.
  • Studios: 18 m² furnished apartments, with kitchen and bathroom.

Most of these residences are not new and the furniture is fairly basic, however the rent is very low.

Each residence is run by a team of people who are there during the day, as well as a night watchman. They also each have a parking lot and some have communal areas (cafeteria, work area, etc.).

Water and electricity are included in the rent.

More information (FAQ)

14 Residences

Paying guest

Living with a host family is a good way to be immersed in French language and culture on a daily basis. The Association works with around thirty families who host international students each year and live in Lyon or on the outskirts of the city.

More information (FAQ)

The families living in Lyon usually live in apartments, and are generally close to shops, the centre of the city or the university. Living in an urban environment is practical, but it can also be noisy and tiring.

The families that live in the nearby towns and villages usually have spacious houses with a garden and sometimes a pool. Living in a rural environment is less practical, but more pleasant and comfortable. These families live maximum 50 minutes from the university by public transport (not counting the delays that can be caused by traffic).

Most host families offer half-board (breakfast and dinner). Some also do Bed & Breakfast, and some only offer a room. In the latter case the student has use of the kitchen to prepare meals.

Rent varies considerably from one host family to another, but it is more expensive to stay with a family living within the city.

Example of prices

Lyon :

  • Single room: 450-500 euros
  • B&B : 500-550 euros
  • Half-board: 650-750 euros

Outside Lyon

  • Single room: 450 euros
  • B&B : 500 euros environ
  • Half-board: 650-700 euros

The rent is all-inclusive: electricity, water, internet, food (for half-board). Most families also ask you to pay a deposit.